Daemonic-Magick by Seleneicthon Book PDF free Download

Daemonic-Magick by Seleneicthon Book PDF free Download

Daemonic-Magick by Seleneicthon Book PDF free Download

Daemonic-Magick by Seleneicthon Book PDF free Download


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The purpose of this Work is to Call a Daemon for protecting an area from intrusion or vandalism.

You remember, I promised you’d get an opportunity to feel like a Magickal Badass? Well, now’s the time! Please note: at this point, you are not harming anyone; if someone is forcing entry into your property, or van- dalizing things, that person is already doing something wrong him- or her- self.

A Guardian Daemon-even if I said Daemons are stupid- has more sense than a watchdog. A protective dog will attack anyone intruding upon what he considers his turf, even if that person intends no harm; ask any mailman! The Daemon has judgement enough to differentiate between the Avon Lady leaving a delivery, or a meter reader, and a thief or vandal


The purpose of this Working is essentially to improve your love life. There are two directions this can take; we can consider sex as the principal object, and lust the motivation or we can take “love life” to mean exactly that, and be thinking about a “relationship”.

I don’t feel it’s my place to make a moral judgement on that. However, there is a moral factor here which I shall consider, as I still remain opposed to so-called Black or negative Magick, and this sort of operation can quickly shade into that. To make one’s self attractive, through mundane or magickal means is fine; arranging a meeting with someone you find attractive is common practice.

If your Daemon can find a partner (potentially), get you together, and increase your attractiveness to him or her, no problem! Many “Love Spells”, however, try to compel that person to respond-and that’s wrong!

In so interfering with another’s free will and choice you are risk- ing all of the dangers of using negative magick-the Return Blow; Karma (or the Three-Fold Law), and assuring that somewhere, somehow, you will find yourself in difficulty because of it.

What you will be doing in this Operation is Charging the Daemon to locate someone who will probably be disposed to favor you, and to increase your attractiveness to him/her. The person’s choice remains a free one!


Often in our lives, “chance” or “luck” seems to be a big factor in whether our lives are happy and fulfilled or miserable and empty. There are those who say that some part of this is that “Karma” you hear about; if so, there’s not a darn thing you can do about it.

Change one situation for the better, and, if Karma is the culprit, another hassle will take the place of whatever problem you got rid of. If, however, pure chance is the cause which can bring you joy or sorrow, your Luck Daemon may be able to help.

It might be noted in passing that many have found that, while a Working for necessary luck shows considerable success, one for satisfying greed or an appetite for conspicuous luxury is less likely to do well.

You will need:

  • Purple Altar Candles Sandalwood or Patchouli Oil
  • Sandalwood or Patchouli Incense
  • (Brand names such as Lucky Dog, Lady Luck or Fast
  • Luck will do, too). Parchment Paper
  • Ink-purple, if you can get some, with a drop of Vanilla Egg white, slightly beaten

Your Daemon’s Form should be friendly and benign-and prosperous-looking. A noble in silken doublet, or a Dwarf or Gnome with a kindly gleam in his eye, dressed in rich robes, possibly.

Daemonic-Magick by Seleneicthon Book PDF free Download


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