The Art of Seduction Summary by Robert Greene Book PDF free Download

The Art of Seduction Summary by Robert Greene Book PDF free Download

The Art of Seduction Summary by Robert Greene Book PDF free Download

The Art of Seduction Summary by Robert Greene Book PDF free Download

The Art of Seduction (2001) by Robert Greene is a self-help book about manipulating people for personal gain. Seduction is not merely a matter of sex; it can be a way to make sales, gain political power, or generally persuade others in the service of one’s own goals. With close psychological analysis, careful planning, and a dash of theatrical flair, seducers can tear down victims’ resistance to get exactly what they want.

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Seducers aren’t necessarily born, although it can be a natural talent; more often, seducers are self-made. There are two key steps to any type of seduction: understanding one’s self and understanding the target. There are nine different types of seducers, and it’s important for each seducer to identify his or her type. While these categories aren’t mutually exclusive, people tend to naturally gravitate towards a main type.

The two most overtly sexual types of seducers are sirens and rakes. Sirens, the most powerful seducers, have an outpouring of dramatic sexual energy that lures victims. Rakes are more aggressive than magnetic. They like pursuit. Rakes’ devotion to a conquest can be high and feverish, but their attention spans are often short.

Ideal lovers, naturals, and charmers are three types that are not so overtly sexual. Ideal lovers have a mythical quality and appeal to the ideals of high storybook romance. Naturals are people who convey a sense of childlike wonder. They avoid all forms of artifice. Charmers are somewhat platonic with only a hint of sexual possibility, relying mostly on their skill in pleasing people through flattery and attention.

The last two types of seducer, charismatics and stars, have widespread appeal. Charismatics have the preternatural confidence that’s common in popular politicians. Stars are more mysterious, carrying a dreamlike quality that’s just as appealing, but more difficult to pin down.

Generally speaking, seduction requires trained focus on the victim’s psychological makeup, rather than on the seducer’s personal desires. The best seducers get what they want through a sort of goal-oriented empathy. They seek understanding of other people so they can control them. Anti-seducers make the mistake of being too self-absorbed, with an inward focus that other people tend to find repellent.

There are about twice as many types of victims as there are seducers. All victims share one essential problem: they are missing something in their lives. The seducer’s job is to identify that missing piece, and then provide it.

Seduction is, at its heart, a strategic enterprise. The seducer’s job is to analyze a target to suss out strengths and weaknesses. Strategies can be mixed and matched to suit the situation, but generally the goal is to break down the target’s defenses. A seducer enchants without revealing too much information, constantly working to gain trust without letting the full truth, whatever it may be, be known. People are narcissists, so a bit of flattery can go a long way towards ingratiating the victim. Ideally, the victim will find the seducer fascinating, but never overly familiar. When the victim gets too close, psychologically or emotionally, misdirection is required.

The Art of Seduction Summary by Robert Greene Book PDF free Download


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